Jane Robinson and Nicola Newman, Atkins

Jane Robinson LRSCJane Robinson is a Senior Managing Consultant with Atkins, primarily involved in undertaking policy-related research and evaluation, and providing advice and guidance to national, regional and local government.  She is the Project Manager for the three year 20mph Research Study for the Department for Transport, comprising both a process and impact evaluation of 20 mph schemes across the country.

Jane is also leading an evaluation of the Impact of Sustainable Transport Schemes on Town Centres (as part of the DfT’s LSTF evaluation programme); and is the Project Director for  the evaluation of National HGV Speed Limits.


Nicola Newman LRSCNicola Newman is a Transport Planner with Atkins, who is experienced in public consultation, stakeholder engagement and is proficient in accessibility analysis, including the use of Accession and TRACC software and has a high level of competency in the use of GIS.

Nicola is Deputy Project Manager for the 20mph Research Study for the Department for Transport, and also leads on a number of Distributional Impact (DI) and Equality Impact (EqIA) assessments in order to assess the impact of a new transport initiatives on the surrounding population.

Presentation: Provision of 20mph Research – Purpose, Methodology and Early Findings (working title)

While there is evidence suggesting that 20mph zones are effective in reducing collisions and speeds, there is an evidence gap on the effectiveness of 20mph speed limits. A large number of schemes are currently being implemented with limited understanding of where they work best, the factors contributing to their success, and barriers to delivery.

The project will be important in informing future policy development on 20mph speeds and limits; as well as influencing scheme development and delivery, and wider transport policy. The early findings present the evidence gathered in the first year of the main evaluation phase.