Professor Nicola Christie, Centre for Transport Studies

Professor Christie is a behavioural scientist who conducts research into transport safety and injury prevention through a public health lens.

Her research encompasses the causes and consequences of unintentional injury and implications for policy and practice. Her specialist topic is transport safety and understanding the social, economic and environmental factors that influence risk and how this acts a barrier to health and wellbeing.

Her current research is exploring the impact of gig economy  on safety and she has been awarded a grant by the Department of Transport  to look at the risk of motorcyclists and moped riders working in the gig economy.

She is also leading  the ‘heathy places’ theme  in  a large research  consortium  working with practitioners in Bradford and Tower Hamlets  to see how addressing  factors such as road danger can improve the health and wellbeing of children in our most deprived communities. Her current PhD students are covering a range of topics such as safety and risk in aviation and ethics and road safety policy.